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Results of the 2023 Competitions

Tremplin Competition

From its first edition, the Chamonix Photo Festival aimed to highlight young talents under 30 years old.

After receiving about forty applications, the jury met and chose to support the work of Maxime Daviron.

He will exhibit his images during the 3-day festival and will be offered the printing of his works.

Maxime Daviron

Independent Photographer

Based in Haute-Garonne, France

Photography started to attract me quite early. A passion quickly became essential, evolving from a simple documentary tool to a true means of artistic expression My images quickly focused on Nature and high altitude, always with a strong attraction to dark and dreamlike atmospheres. Fascinated by wild territories, I regularly set out in search of new atmospheres, trying to convey both the experiences lived and the feelings felt, and to infuse the approaches and influences specific to each series into the images that compose them.


For this first year, the success of the various competitions was a wonderful surprise.

In total more than 3000 photographs, divided into 5 categories, were received.

Here is the list of finalists in each category.

The winners will be announced during the festival and each of these images will be exhibited in the town of Chamonix.


Prize Hervé Marin
1° Prize - Yggdrasil - Stéphane Scotto
2° Prize - Diaprure - Thierry Laprand
3° Prize - Comme un bijou - Chloé Bès
Labyrinthe - Théo Maynier
Ours mal léché - Eric Ribot
Les vagues de glace - Sophie Narses

L'homme et la nature

Price Lagoped
1° Prize - Alas - Miguel Angel Artus Illana
2° Prize - Pour lui et les autres, ne nous voilons pas la face - Jacques Poulard
3° Prize - Opportunisme - Denis Girard
Islote - Léo Sestier
Sitelle Vintage - Bastien Prevost
Gratte-ciel au milieu de la jungle - Morgan Desort

Macro & Proxy

Price Lana Black
PHOTO-2023-07-18-09-04-36 (2)
1° Prize - La Parade - Outrey Benoit
2° Prize - Rosée des prés - Jessika Joguet
3° Prize - Hippocampe - Théo Maynier
Projecteur - Téa Derveaux
Le monstre - Théo Maynier
A la Tim Burton - Andrieux Thibault


Photographers of the World Prize
1° Prize - Matin d'automne - Matthieu Robin
2° Prize - Aiguilles de chamonix-7h30 - Jessika Joguet
3° Prize - Racines - Pierre Bottex
Jusqu'à la Fin du Monde... - Ambre de l'AlPe
Ligth In The Dark - Check My Dream
The ridge - Joan Haas

Animal life

Prize Hotel Mont-Blanc
1° Prize - Peinture rupestre - Manon Billard
2° Prize - Vol magique - Chloé Bès
3° Prize - Fragile - David Rouge
Le roi des brumes - Jérémy Patton
La meute - Théo Maynier
Face à face - Gaëtan Vidal