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Mountain, Nature, Culture are the 3 pillars of the Chamonix photo festival.

We are a festival that will celebrate the beauty of nature through the prism of imagery.

Chamonix will become the capital of nature photography for a weekend. The uniqueness of our festival lies in its location in the Chamonix Valley, the world capital of mountaineering, known internationally. Our festival takes place both on stage and in the field.

Designed on the model and with the support of the Montier en Der photo festival (45,000 visitors in 4 days, all major photography equipment brands, over a hundred exhibitions, dozens of conferences…)

we will strive, from the first year, to follow in the footsteps of this globally renowned festival.
From the very first edition, the festival offers a total, immersive experience in the spirit of the moment. We will be entirely focused on nature.

Our goal is for the Chamonix Valley to be perceived not only as a territory of exploits or performances but also as a place for reflection and discussions around climate issues through photography and imagery.

The choice of autumn is not random It is the most beautiful time for photography or simple contemplation. Providing space and entertainment for tourists and locals who may not necessarily be high-level athletes is essential. Additionally, the All Saints’ Day holidays offer limited entertainment. The festival aims to be the must-attend event during this time.

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